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Once you are accepted onto the programme, our School Direct Lead professional Lisa Hobden and administrator Dianne Holcroft will be your first point of contact for any queries or concerns you may have.

You will be welcome to visit our schools (subject to your existing commitments) and at the end of the summer term, prior to your start in September, we ask that you are available to spend 2 days in your placement school to familiarise yourself with the school, it's staff and policies. 

When term starts in September you will get the opportunity to meet staff from across our partnership as well as a personalised induction to your home school.

11th September 2018

Recruitment update - Recruitment for study September 2019

Our recruitment campaign for start of study 2019 will open at the end of October 2018. Please make all applications through UCAS, provider code 2A4 and course code 2XT7.

25th September 2017

Training Update

Sarah Martin (maths consultant) has been booked to deliver core curriculum maths training.

22nd September 2017

Skills Tests

We advise all applicants to research the passing of skills tests. This is one of the conditions that will need to be met prior to start of course in September 2018. Applicants are now eligible for 3 free sittings and there is no longer a limit as to the number of attempts.